Study Tips


Contributing Reporter

As another year at Scared Heart High School starts, so do the test’s and quizzes. For most people, they can be incredible stressful. While studying for a test, it is always important to keep a clear head. Different studying techniques can help to decrease your stress level for a test. One helpful way to study is to use flash cards. Flash cards can help to improve your memorization skills and allow you to memorizes the material better. Another way to study is by studying a little bit each day. Cramming the night before will cause a person to forget more material and cause them to be tired for the test, by studying a little each night a person will better understand the material and will be ready for any test. A third study tip is be sure to take breaks. Learning to much at once overloads your brain and you will be more likely to forget what you learned. Take breaks in between studying to so you can memorize more and so you do not overload yourself. A fourth way that can be an effective study method to some people is to listen to classical music while studying. Classical music can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety levels. Studying while listening to classical music can help a person to calm down and feel more relaxed. A final study tip is to treat yourself. Instead to studying without a reward, make one for yourself. Tell yourself that if you study for an hour you can watch television, or eat a cookie, or go on a walk, get some form of motivation to help you study. Try out these study tips and see if they help improve your next test score. Good luck test takers.