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Letter From the Editor

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The last few months of the school year are a bitter sweet time for seniors. We are eagerly planning our futures in college as the days pass us by. Often, we find ourselves looking back on our time here at Sacred Heart High School and wonder if our time was well spent. Through victories, losses, tears, and hard work, we have stuck together as a family and have finally made it to the end. We will be graduating from high school in only several weeks and we are finding that we will miss the place we have called home for the past four years.

As usual, our sports teams throughout the year have brought home victories and have made us proud. Our boys’ basketball team has completed their trifecta of state championship games, both boys and girls swim teams have done phenomenally well, and several seniors have won scholarships for their participation on the sports teams. Food drives held throughout the year as well as countless community service hours served have helped the Greater Waterbury area. Sacred Heart athletics and the students’ engagement in the community will always be the pride and the joy of our school.

Looking back on the 2015-2016 school year, the seniors are both glad for high school to be drawing to a close and excited to begin a new era in their lives. We are anxiously awaiting many fun days, such as Six Flags and Senior Prom, while also dreading our final exams. College acceptance letters also continue to arrive. These acceptances are the pinnacle of the last four years of hard work. We are now counting down the days until us seniors begin the rest of our lives.

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Letter From the Editor