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Lady Hearts Take Their Shot

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If one were to look up the term “underdog” in the dictionary, the closest group one would associate the term with is the Sacred Heart Girls Basketball Team. In the past two years, the girls team have undergone many impactful changes: departing senior players, changing in head coaches, and leaving assistant coaches. In spite of these transitions that one would think would cause disruption among the group, the girls continue to work every day through adverse conditions.

The girls basketball team decided to have an early start to the season by conducting condition at the end of the fall sports season. Condition ran every day in a matter of three weeks before the initial start of the season. As soon as the season began, the members of the squad were able to proclaim the three captains of the team: seniors Jenna Facodini, Vanessa Riddick, and Mahnue Sahn. Together, these young leaders guide their fellow athletes to basketball success.

With a new years comes new, eager players willing to climb to the varsity level, home of the “big dogs” of the group. Several new freshman players include Hayley Tucker, Adalena Francis, and Nicole Molina. These girls, passionate about the game of basketball, have worked diligently to become beneficial contributors to the Sacred Heart team.

Throughout the season, the girls have undergone trials and tribulations that may be deemed discouraging and unsatisfying. However, The team’s coach, Coach Ron Picard, strives to keep the spirits high for the girls. “Even though they’ve experience several losses, the girls persevere and keep up the intensity on the court,” says Coach Picard.

Assistant Coach Stasteitis says, “The girls are strong-willed. They work hard despite the losses.” It is apparent that the Sacred Heart Girls Basketball Team are truly the underdogs of our school. The season is not over, so the senior members of the girls team will continue to be influential leaders of the Sacred Heart community. The team as a whole will persist in their diligence, patience, and fortitude until the end of the season.

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Lady Hearts Take Their Shot