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B’Ball Until We Fall

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At this point in the winter season, the boys’ basketball team continues to generate a state-wide buzz and to maintain the top spot in the state rankings. In fact, the team attracts large crowds at nearly every venue, and the boys never disappoint the fans with their amazing slam dunks. The sport of basketball is cherished at Sacred Heart because the athletes participating in basketball have achieved great successes. This year is no exception to the tradition as the boys’ team continue to meet and to conquer a variety of daring opponents. True to form, the Sacred Heart boys’ basketball team never folds under pressure and continually demonstrates the rigorous work ethic necessary for excellence. In 2016, the Sacred Heart boys’ basketball once again races to reach their prized goal: another state championship.

In order to achieve their central objective, the boys are led by captains Mustapha Heron, Tyrn Flowers, and Charles Fisher. These three senior players are able to evaluate the skills and the weaknesses of the team and adjust game tactics in order to dominate the opponent. Some of the player’s strengths include their advantageous heights and their shooting skills. Senior captain, Charles Fisher explains, “we also have skills in rebounding the ball,” a major strength in controlling the game. However, along with strengths come weaknesses that also impact the team’s performance. Despite the boys’ marvelous playing abilities, Charles also explains that “communication between players on the court and selfishness among team members are a couple of our problems.” Nevertheless, Charles agrees that our boys know to apply themselves in game situations, and to play to the best of their abilities at game time for the benefit of the team.

As common in all seasons, the younger players of the team have the obligation to fill in the void left by their diligent predecessors. In terms of performance and skill in basketball, the boys agree that junior Courie Stevenson and sophomore Raheem Solomon are the most improved players on the team. Now, we often see these boys play key positions. Regardless of their role on the team, this year’s team will lead the way to shape the future Hearts’ team and to continue the lasting legacy.

The Sacred Heart Boys’ Basketball Team’s current record is 10-2. It is important to note that the two losses posted by the team came in tournament play where the team faced tough, nationally ranked opponents. The team’s league record remains perfect! As expected, the Hearts cruised to another NVL title. Fans can be sure that the team’s burning passion to win every game, their explosive chemistry and their innumerable skill sets will carry the boys through on their run to the Sun and another state title.

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B’Ball Until We Fall