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Letter from the Editor

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Greetings, fellow Hearts! The year of 2016 has commenced, and I am thrilled about the events that will be taking place at Sacred Heart. To begin, I would like to congratulate all of my fellow seniors who have been admitted into a college or a university. These acceptances mark the culmination of many months of hard work. Now, there are just a few more steps for us seniors to take to the beginning of the rest of our lives.

At Sacred Heart, everyone keeps very busy with our extracurricular activities. There are organizations such as the International Club, the Debate Club, the Photography Club, the Art Club, The Forum, and the new Science Olympiad that continue to reflect the diversity and the well-rounded nature of our school. Practically everyone is engaged in an extracurricular activity, and this quality will be one I am going to miss when I graduate from Sacred Heart.

As always, Sacred Heart sports teams continue to make us proud. Although the girls’ basketball team has had a rocky season, the team’s love for the sport makes the participation worth while. The boys’ basketball team is well on its way to another championship, always an exciting experience for the boys and for the whole school. Both swimming teams continue to wow our students, and all of our fall teams have grown by leaps and bounds in terms of their accomplishments throughout the season. Sacred Heart athletics will always be a the pride and the joy of our school.

For the remaining portion of the year, I am especially looking forward to many events such as the Senior Lock-In, Six Flags, and of course prom. Although I could easily say that I am excited to graduate, there are many reasons that refrain me from doing so. The helpful teachers, the interesting classes, the thrilling sports, and the lasting relationships are few of the many Sacred Heart experiences I will cherish. Although I may sound rather cliched, I am not afraid to say that Sacred Heart High School has made me the student and the individual I am today. When I graduate, I will truly miss everyone and everything at the Heart.

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Letter from the Editor