An Unorthodox Start for the Class of 2024


Jillian Mike, Editor in Chief

It is the age old remark that high school is the best four years of a person’s life, whether you believe that or not varies drastically from individual to individual; however, it cannot be denied that the four years one spends in high school will shape the adult, professional, and human being he or she will go on to become. The class of 2024 had a never before seen start to their time at the Heart and have been thrown into high school and the world of online learning all at the same time. To gain insight on how they have found the transition from middle to high school was going during a pandemic, we asked to hear their perspective.

The leap from middle school to high school is a considerable and challenging one even without the added stress of a pandemic. Emerson Plowman said “The biggest difference to me is that in high school I feel like we are more prepared and that we actually get to be in the class while online,” when asked what is the greatest difference between learning online in middle school versus high school. It is encouraging to see the freshmen are becoming accustomed to high school in these difficult times, though not unexpected seeing as the teachers at Sacred Heart are doing their very best to engage them. When asked about how she feels about acclimating into high school, Maria Condianni said, “I feel I have adapted pretty well because the teachers are very understanding and will drop everything to help a student.” It brings hope knowing that, though it is not the typical first year every other freshman class of Sacred Heart, the class of 2024 is prospering and becoming a part of the Sacred Heart family.

Gaining the perspective of freshmen serves not only as a reminder of one’s own freshmen year, but also bring all students and faculty together through sharing points of view. This year’s freshmen have a unique experience that potentially no others will have. Regardless of the unorthodox state, the freshmen are adapting and growing into future leaders of the Heart; and it is safe to say that the class of 2024 will take their experiences this from this year and use them to reinforce positivity.