Sacred Heart High School’s National Honor Society’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Grinder Fundraiser

On Sunday, February 2nd, 2019, Sacred Heart’s National Honor Society held its second annual grinder fundraiser. The National Honor Society has done the fundraiser in order to help raise more funds for their chapter. With these funds, the National Honor Society is able to do the Christmas clothing drive for families at the shelter, making bags for reading across America day in March, and Easter baskets. Also, the funds raised goes towards the induction ceremony of the juniors who met the requirements of the National Honor Society, and to give seniors an enjoyable day before they graduate high school.

This year, Sacred Heart’s National Honor Society solid about 175 grinders. Each grinder costed buyers $10. The grinders came from Pats IGA in Wolcott. The National Honor Society made roughly $3 off of each grinder. In total, $525 were raised for the National Honor Society. This years second annual super bowl grinder fundraiser was a success. Thanks to all faculty, students, alumni, and all other participants for participating in this years fundraiser.