Sheet Drive and Casual Day for Pregnant Women in Ghana

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On Friday, December 6, 2019 Sacred Heart High School had it’s first sheet drive and casual day for pregnant women in Ghana. Sacred Heart started this drive for Father William, who is Sacred Heart’s Chaplin. Father William’s is from Ghana and he has witnessed the poverty that lies within Ghana. Unfortunately, pregnant women do not have the available resources that pregnant women have in the United States. Every day, pregnant women give birth to their children on the dirty grounds of Ghana. By having a sheet drive, it gives the women of Ghana the opportunity to give birth to their children on a white clean sheet instead of the dirty ground. The sheets offer essential hygiene and the prevention of diseases for the pregnant women and their children in Ghana.

The casual day turned out to be very successful. Over 3/4’s of the student body came in either casual or brought sheets in. About half of Sacred Heart’s faculty participated in the sheet drive. About $650 were raised for the women in Ghana and over 30 sheets were collected in the morning. Some teachers collected money from students in their classes to buy sheets for the class as a whole. Mrs. Nagle was one of the few teachers who started that idea. The “Sheets for Ghana,” are going to become an annual tradition at Sacred Heart High School. Thanks to everyone who participated in a wonderful cause!