Marketing Honors by Post University at SHHS

Marketing Honors is a college class that is offered at Sacred Heart High School. This class is offered once a week on Wednesday night’s from 7:00-8:30. This class is taught by Mr. Michaud, who has a degree in business. Mr. Michaud took over this class due to Mr. Dawson’s full time employment at Post University. The marketing class is one semester long. This class offers students more in depth skills of the principles of marketing and how marketing works. It also helps to boost student interests in math. Moreover, the marketing class counts as a credit towards your math portion of your transcript upon graduation at Sacred Heart High School.

The Marketing class is highly encouraged to be taken by rising high school seniors. This class is taught through Post University, which introduces students into the beginning stages of what college is like.  If the class is passed, students will be given three credits towards towards Post University for their Marketing Class. If students do not plan on attending Post University, that is okay. The majority of colleges will take the Post University Marketing credit and apply it to their own Marketing class as credit or to an elective. For $300 students can’t buy a college class cheaper than that. The majority of a single college class costs about $1,000-5,000 a semester depending on what college students plan on attending.