The 2019-2020 Cross Country Team

The 2019 Cross Country season is finally here. After a busy summer of doing long runs, workouts and other beneficial components of building endurance, the hearts cross country team is ready to go full throttle. Nearly a month through the season, the Hearts boys team sits at a 12-2 current record and the girls sits at a 7-7 current record. Mrs. DePaiva  has been the girls cross country coach for six years now and along with Mr. Ortiz for the boys team.

Mrs. DePaiva started running in 2014 on her own. Around this time, Sacred Heart cross country coaches stepped down from their positions. Mrs. DePaiva had the opportunity to coach. Mr. Madden approached Mrs. DePaiva and asked her if she was willing to coach the girls cross country team. She took the offer, along with Ortiz. Mrs. DePaiva refers to cross country as her favorite sport to coach.

Mr. Ortiz and Mrs. DePaiva’s main goal is to help each level of runners out. They have done exactly that this season, which has brought the boys to one of their best seasons in decades and the girls team becoming very competitive among a group of just six runners. Every year goal of Mrs. DePavia and Mr. Ortiz is to look towards cities. Cities is a multi-competition meet against the brass division. “The boys cross country team has a really close chance of winning cities this year.” “The girls cross country team numbers are down, hard to win meets, but some girls have chances of becoming all city,” said Mrs. DePaiva.

When Mrs. DePaiva and Mr. Ortiz were coaching cross country their first year, the girls won all cities and the boys finished in the top three. The boys always had good runners, but not enough to win cities.

Workout strategies play a key role in the 2019 success of the cross country team. Long run days, 20 minute runs, or even an hour run, helps to mix in cross training to build core strength. Core strength is key for fighting through pain and fatigue. Hills in general, help to gain speed strategy. The goal is to work every part of the body and to fight adversity when it comes.

Every year the cross country team participates in a pink out at the city meet as a way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. Mr. Ortiz and Mrs. DePaiva are excited to see what cities will bring towards the boys and girls team this year. “Every meet we get better and better, and hard work pays off,” said Mrs. DePaiva. “We have a huge senior cross country team and it’s sad to see them go.”