Spirit Week 2019

The Forum on Film

Jesse Breidenbach


Jillian Mike, Staff Reporter

Every year at Sacred Heart, we dedicate a week to showing our school spirit. This week usually takes place in March and is organized by the Sacred Heart Student Council. Each day, there is a different theme. At the end of the week, a pep rally is held where the classes compete against each other in a series of games. Throughout the week, there are also competitions between each of the grades to see which grade has the most school spirit. Spirit Week truly helps in bringing the school together, and is one of the largest projects the student council does all year. We interviewed some members of the council to include in this article. The interviews, as well as footage from Spirit Week, can be found in The Forum on Film video accompanying this article.
Spirit Week tends to bring out the best in the students and faculty of Sacred Heart High School. This year, for example, Maroon and Gold day, “On Wednesday’s we wear pink” day, and switch it up day, were some of the daily themes for students to participate in. Along with the daily themes, there are also different activities at lunch. Some of the lunch activities this year were, “Pin the Hat on the Madden”, a pie eating contest, and a hula hooping competition. Several other contests and activities were held on Friday at the pep rally. For example, the three legged race, dash for cash, and the wheelbarrow race.
Prior to Spirit Week, we interviewed the president of the Student Council, Siobhan Gilmore. She described Spirit Week as, “… a time for everyone to come together, it’s almost towards the end of the year, and we kind of do all these events to bring the school together before seniors start to leave and go to college.” We asked her several questions on her opinions of the benefits and outcomes of Spirit Week. We asked why the week is so important for Sacred Heart, and she said, “ I spirit week is important for the school for just like uniting everyone together, and showing not only us, but the community that we can come together, week can work together, we can work hard. We can have fun and also be raising money.” To help prepare for spirit week she said that she helped come up with the activities, themes, and also how to execute them.
To get their insight on this year’s spirit week, we also interviewed the teacher advisor of the student council, Mrs. Molly DePaiva, and junior member, Elizabeth Nonamaker. Mrs. DePaiva said that her favorite part about spirit week was maroon and gold day, and that her favorite activity was the pie eating contest. She said, “ I think it brings the classes together because, each class tries to beat the other classes. So I think it’s a great way for the student body at the end of the school year.” Elizabeth said her favorite theme was the Friday theme, where all the classes wear their class color, and that her favorite activity was the teacher trivia. Elizabeth said, “It’s the week that everybody in Sacred Heart can get together and show their school spirit and how much that they love the school.”
Every year, Spirit Week helps to bring out the best in students through friendly competition and aids in uniting the school. This Spirit Week in particular truly achieved that goal and then some. The class that ended up winning was the seniors, with the juniors in second, the sophomores in third, and the freshmen in last. All of the classes showed great effort and tremendous school spirit. As stated before, interviews and footage of the Spirit Week activities can be found in The Forum on Film video linked above. We hope everyone had a great Spirit Week 2019.