Student Standout- Siobhan Gilmore


Jillian Mike, Staff Reporter

     Senior, Siobhan Gilmore, is a very familiar face in the Sacred Heart family, and an extremely active member of the school community. She is involved in many extra-curricular athletic and social organizations at Sacred Heart including soccer, tennis, Student Council, National Honor Society, Art Club, and the Theater Program. Of all these programs, Siobhan, the club president, says that Student Council is her favorite. She explains that “the purpose of the Student Council is not only provide opportunities for the student body, but also it gives students the chance to give back to those in need. Council activities show students that we are a part of a bigger community, and we can help those who need it the most.”

      The Sacred Heart community means a great deal to Siobhan. When asked what the Sacred Heart family means to her, she said, “it means that no matter where I go or what I do in my life, that whenever I should need something I can look to my Sacred Heart Family. It is a family that will always look out for you and never let you feel alone.” Siobhan also says that she has learned so much from her time at Sacred Heart. Some of these include the never ending opportunities that Sacred Heart offers and the true meaning of working together.

     Siobhan serves as a great role model for other students in the school, and future generations as well. Her energetic and enthusiastic participation in the programs offered at Sacred Heart encourages others to work for the greater good and to positively impact the community. To future generations of the school she has to say,Always get involved in the many clubs, teams and classes that are provided. Never be afraid to ask for help from anyone, as to always be willing to help others. Lastly, cherish the times spent at the Heart because time will fly by, so take every moment for what it is, work hard in all that you do, and make sure you enjoy what you are doing.”

After she graduates from Sacred Heart, Siobhan plans to attend college and pursue creative writing.