Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. DePaiva


Nicholas Salerno

Mrs. DePaiva is a World History and Religion teacher at the Heart. She always loved history throughout her life. She majored in history in college and minored in childhood teaching and began her career as an Pre-K teacher  When Mrs.DePaiva went to watch her neighbor at a school basketball game, she learned that a teacher was leaving SHHS and ultimately, she was offered the opportunity to come teach at Heart. Once Mrs. DePaiva taught at the Heart, she decided to stay and make it a career. She was always inspired to be a teacher. Mrs. DePaiva is a certified teacher for all courses of history and has always been very dedicated to the Heart. She is the leader of the Student Council team, the advisor for the SHHS yearbook, and a long-time coach of both girls’ softball and girls’ cross country. At one point, Mrs. DePaiva also coached a volleyball team, the bowling team, and ping pong team at the Heart. Over the years, Mrs. DePaiva has also used her talents to participate in school plays and talent shows that had been going on at the Heart. Being a kind and caring person, Mrs. DePaiva is an volunteer at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen and visits regularly throughout the summer. She is an adventurous teacher who enjoys traveling and competitive running. This past summer, Mrs. DePaiva traveled across the country through seventeen states, and visited numerous national parks. Mrs. DePaiva’s passion for running began shortly after she joined the faculty at the Heart, when fellow faculty member, Mr. Madden, motivated her to get involved in running. Before long running became a regular every day activity. Mrs. DePaiva has participated in two running groups: one group was a fundraiser for a child that was diagnosed with an illness, and the second group was “The Runners 169 Club.” At the moment, Mrs. DePaiva has competed in 37 town events and 169 organization events in the State of Connecticut.  For the past 17 years, Mrs. DePaiva has recently participated in summer softball and basketball leagues. Indeed, Mrs. DePaiva serves as a role model for the importance of living a diverse and active life. The number one characteristic that she loves about the Heart is the family atmosphere and the rich tradition found at the Heart. Mrs. DePaiva graduated from SHHS and then returned when she was 22 years old, and she remains one of the most beloved faculty members. The students, teachers and alumni are all a part of making this school such a good family she said. “Everyday is different”, she said. Certainly, we all appreciate the difference Mrs. DePaiva makes at the Heart as a teacher, a mentor, a coach, and an athlete!

Mrs. DePaiva uses foods to teach her students about various historical periods.
Mrs. DePaiva stands with other SHHS members who completed the Winter Warrior Challenge!