SHHS Lady Hearts Have Their Eyes on the State Tournament


Paige Carroll, Staff Reporter

As the Sacred Heart girls’ basketball team reaches the midpoint of their season, the team holds a strong 10-2 record. The team consists of hardworking, determined players who all strive for success on and off the court; therefore, the team’s chemistry has greatly benefited. Starting their season through a three-week conditioning period, the girls’ team quickly developed chemistry as well as friendships and welcomed all of the new players to the team. By taking the time to determine each team member’s skills and roles, the team started to function as a unit and now strive for the same goal: to not only win games, but to improve. The girls started their season with a 51-33 victory over Naugatuck High School in December which motivated the team to strive for more success. By the players’ and coaches’ continuous efforts in practice, the team has morphed into a strong, powerful unit.  As December ended, the Sacred Heart girls’ basketball team’s record was a strong 4-1 and motivated the team to enter the new year determined to work harder and to improve as a team. Based on the first month of the season, the team had been identified by the Republican American newspaper as a top contender for the Naugatuck Valley League playoffs in February. The team’s work ethic as well as determination to beat its opponents often pushes the team to victory. Practices have taught the team discipline as well as cooperation, and in response to the coaching, the girls continue to expand and develop their individual skills so that the team continues to evolve into a cohesive unit. The Sacred Heart girls’ basketball team is thrilled to play the remainder of their season, and now all of the practices are geared to prepare the team for the league playoffs.