Coding at the Heart


Shawn Gagnon, Staff Reporter

     There are many different, diverse languages spoken around the world. Some languages date back to ancient civilizations and they are spoken in nations even today, but new useful languages are not the spoken word. These languages are the languages of coding.  Sacred Heart has recently started a new coding program as a part of the Library Technology Program where students can learn how to write and decipher code.  Mrs. Gemmell explains that “computer coding skills are an essential skill for students who plan to enter the workforce in a variety of occupations. Coding and technology skills are employed not only in traditional computer technology careers, but also in medicine, manufacturing, engineering, and business.”  So, Mrs. Gemmell has equipped the Library Media Center with some kits and computer programs to help students explore the world of coding.

One of these new activities is a computer coding program called Studio Web. There are currently twenty students enrolled in the online course, and Mrs. Gemmell monitors the progress of these students. The Studio Web coding course is self-paced, informational, and immersive. The course has three language sections that focus on one of the type of code language: HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Each section is divided into chapters and subsections that all have videos and questions to answer after each video. A student who is participating in the program, Raquel Costin, said, “I enjoy taking the course because it’s not only useful and educational, but fun.” She also said she looks forward to progressing through the course.

      Coding is an essential skill for creating websites, apps, and games, and it is a useful skill later in life as well when entering a career. In an ever progressing technology driven economy, coding will soon be an essential courses much like Biology, Physics, and Mathematics, thus making it more important than ever to learn. For these reasons, Sacred Heart will offer an AP Computer Science Principles course open to upperclassmen. The Studio web online course provides background knowledge and practical coding skills as preparation for AP course. Any student interested in joining the free, online course can see Mrs. Gemmell for more information.

Students build and program robots.