International Club


Raquel Costin, Staff Reporter

    Here at the Heart, there is a place for everyone. Whether it is on a team, in a club, or simply with a group friends, students will find their way to a group that they are proud to be a part of. For me, that group is the International Club. The International Club is a student group that comes together to celebrate the different ethnic backgrounds of the students in Sacred Heart High School. Our advisor, Mrs. Wright, has led this club for approximately fifteen year, and in that time, the International Club has participated in and completed numerous service projects for the school and for the Greater Waterbury community.

    Some of these projects include an in-school awareness of Hispanic Heritage Month which consists of various celebrations during the month of September. In addition, the club sponsors an annual casual day in December, and use the profits to assist families in the shelter during the winter season. The club also conducts building-wide awareness program for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Asian and Pacific Islander Month. As if all of that work is not enough, the International Club holds bake sales during exams and sponsors a second casual day to assist the Waterbury Campership Fund. One can see how these annual activities not only teach participants how to be good citizens, but also to learn to be helping Hearts. 

    Every year, Mrs. Wright relies on student leaders to manage the projects. This year’s president, Arreyion Yates, has been in the club since her freshman year, and she is Mrs. Wright’s right-hand woman. As president, she “helps [Mrs. Wright] to plan and organize all the club’s events and assigns the officers to our activities.”  When asked about the role of the club, Arreyion said, “the most important thing that the International Club does is all of the community service projects and fundraising.”  She also said that this club has impacted her life: “It has given me a perspective on other nationalities and cultures, like when we made different foods from different cultures. It has also given me a sense of leadership.”

    The International Club is an extremely important part of the Sacred Heart Community because it embodies who we are as a school. It recognizes every ethnicity and nationality and appreciates them all. It reminds students of the challenges that people face, and how much stronger and unified people become while overcoming them. The International Club shows concern for all people and helps those in need. As Arreyion said, “This is one of the only clubs in school that gives back to the community, which I feel is really important to be a part of.”