eSports: The Program Grows at the Heart!


In the spring of 2018, Sacred Heart students played League of Legends in a competitive high school league sponsored by the Electronic Gaming Federation, and the team earned the first state title in the League of Legends championship.  This fall, the students prepared to defend that title with 17 new members.  The esports program attracts a wide range of students across all grades.  Team members practice once a week and participate in two competitive state leagues.  League play allows our students to meet other esports players from across the state of Connecticut.  A true camaraderie is established through league play.

As the season rolls on, the SHHS esports team members develop game strategies that truly transforms 5 individual players into one, cohesive team.  Players spend many hours at practice and at home watching steams of other teams to plan the best attack for an upcoming match. In addition, the communication between the team members requires patience and practice because our teams boast both English-speaking students and international students.  At the end of each match, win or lose, the team members are ready to plan their next attack.  Esports at the Heart is serious business!

In the second semester, the esports program will expand to include in-house tournaments in both FIFA and Madden 2019.  Students who would like to participate in these tournaments will be able to play individually or as part of a team.  The players will have time to practice and battle for top honors in monthly tournaments.  In May, the top ranking players will vie for a title as esports champion!  The new program will allow more students to develop their critical-thinking skills and communication skills.  Moderator, Mrs. Gemmell says: “Building gaming skills is important, but I hope that the students just have fun and enjoy a different kind of competitive program.”