Standout Student – Nick Salerno

Standout Student - Nick Salerno

Nick Salerno, a junior at Sacred Heart High School, is an active and valued member in this school, in the community, and in his family. Through his active student-life and his devotion to improve the community, he is a living example of all that Sacred Heart High School tries to instill in the students.  Salerno is a member of varsity Sacred Heart athletic teams including the cross country and indoor track, track and field.  Nick is a varsity member of the debate team, a tenor saxophone player in the school band, and a staff writer for The Forum.  In addition, Nick is a member of several school organizations including the SHHS Student Council, the SHHS Photography Club,  and the Vice-President of the Class of 2020.   Even with all of this activity, Nick fills his class schedule with Honors and AP courses, and is consistently named to the school honor roll.  Outside of the SHHS community, Salerno belongs to St. John’s Evangelist Church in Watertown. He is also a member of the Evangelical Christian Church in Waterbury, where he is active in church activities such as food drives. Nick is co-owner and co-founder of Connecticut Towns Honor Our Military which is a nonprofit organization that sells hats and wristbands representing all 169 towns in the state. All of the profits of the company are donated to Operation Home Front, an organization that aids veterans and current active duty personnel and their families. Nick is interested in the political process of our country and serves on The Connecticut National Republican Committee where he hits the campaign trail for some Connecticut candidates, and works with them on issues that can be addressed. He is currently working with Eric Berthel and Joe Polletta. Nick Salerno’s favorite class is Chemistry, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite meal is eggplant parmigiana and pasta. In spare time, Nick participates in town and school events, travels, meets new people, and hangs out with family and friends.  Nick is truly an SHHS student who is well-known for his activism and good nature, and he models the importance of achieving academic goals.  He is one of a kind!