Freshman Perspective


Jillian Mike, Staff Reporter

As the first marking period of school comes to a close, this year’s freshmen class are settling into Sacred Heart’s routine and completing the transition from middle school to high school. To get an insight on the perspective of the Class of 2022, I interviewed a few of the class’s members. They were asked about their opinions about Sacred Heart, their classes, and extracurricular activities.

The first question I asked the freshmen was “How do you like Sacred Heart so far?” One excited freshman, Ashley Galvao, answered with, “I love it here. Everyone is so welcoming. It’s like one big family.” Freshman, Sydney Sirica, also compared Sacred Heart to, “a big family.” Next I asked some of the freshemen what was their biggest adjustment since coming to high school?” Tyler Coleman replied, “the amount of homework” is a major change and Sydney said that the school day was more to handle because she “to switch for all my classes and the lockers.” Many freshmen agreed that their favorite aspect of Sacred Heart is making new friends.  Since most freshmen have an increased course load when compared to middle school,  I also asked some of them about their favorite subject.  Tyler .”Coleman’s favorite class is “Biology”, while Sydney Sirica said English is her favorite class. Ashley Galvao has two favorite subjects: Algebra 2 and English.   Moving away from the academic side of high school, I decided to see what activities appealed to the freshmen.  First on the list of many students activities list is athletics. When I asked Sydney what sports she would be participating in she replied, “Cross country and softball.” Ashley Galvao was interested in cheerleading and softball.  When asked about their choice for clubs, Sydney was interested in the drama club and and The Forum,” and Ashley also was interested in the drama club.  Tyler Coleman will be joining the indoor track team.  Finally, I asked these student why they chose to come to Sacred Heart. Ashley Galvao said “Because everyone says so many great things about the school,” Tyler Coleman answered“a lot of my family went here and it seemed like the best fit for me,” and finally Sydney Sirica said “I love the family feel here. Everyone is really nice.”

Overall, this year’s freshmen class seem to be very passionate our school community and they seem to get the message of our school – family. It is great to see the freshmen feeling included and getting involved in our school community. Lastly, it is exciting to see a new group of students joining our school and watching them grow and evolve into active, intelligent young adults