Victory! Time to Celebrate


Ashley Cyr, Staff Reporter

With a win over Wilby’s Varsity football team on Thanksgiving Eve, the SHHS/Kaynor Technical School football team gave students a reason to celebrate! And this year’s Victory Dance was by far a success in all aspects that Sacred Heart High School offer! Many students arrived to La Bella Vista eager to enjoy an evening of eating and dancing with their friends. At the end of the evening, students left the venue exhausted from the lively evening. Students from all grades shared an evening filled with great music, many pictures, and endless fruit punch drinks. One cannot forget the delicious entrées of steaming pasta and chicken marinated in creamy sauce. The night was well spent making new friends through the opportunity to let loose and dance like no one is watching. Even the teachers were on the dance floor! Overall, it was a memorable event that only happen when the Sacred Heart students celebrate this traditional dance. Even now, the students are also already in anticipation for next year’s victory!