This Is Where It Ends


Sofia Dell'Anno, Reporter

Can you imagine being trapped in your school with no way out? Can you imagine being forced to stare death in the eyes? Here are four perspectives. Describing fifty-four minutes. One boy, one gun, and his violent revenge. “This Is Where It Ends” is an emotional fictional novel that will leave you in tears. The story portrays every student’s and every teacher’s worst fear; a familiar face opening fire on a place they once thought safe. “This Is Where It Ends” gives you a look into the thoughts and actions of both teenagers and adults when they are backed into a corner.

“This Is Where It Ends” describes the desolate message that as long as people don’t receive proper help for their emotional and physical traumas. The novel mirrors some real-life incidents that continue to happen in our society. I feel everyone should read this book because, unfortunately, this is a part of the world we live in today. And this is a very real problem people face. Read this book. Read this book and hopefully you will gain sympathy for the children, teens, and adults who have lost their lives and families in a school shooting.

As a warning, this book can be graphic in description of the events that take place. It can be upsetting for some readers, so, please take this into consideration before reading.