The Heart of the Heart: Mrs. Nagle


Nicholas Salerno, Staff Reporter

Not only is Mrs. Nagle one of Sacred Heart’s most beloved teachers, but also she is a teacher who demonstrates her commitment to and her love of SHHS by having served on the faculty for 40 years so far. She has been teaching English for her entire career, from freshmen to seniors, from honors to AP.

Mrs. Nagle has taught many students over the years and now teaches some of the children of her former students. She is thankful for the ability to help her students be successful in their futures by assisting seniors with college essays and by working to enable students to perfect their true writing talents. When asked about the challenges of teaching, Mrs. Nagle says, “Teaching isn’t as easy as one might think; every teacher needs to have a lot of patience with students of all different learning levels.”

As is often the case, Mrs. Nagle became a teacher because she was inspired by another great teacher. While she was in high school, her junior and senior year English teacher, Mother Saint Maura Regina, recognized Mrs. Nagle’s love of literature and encouraged her to pursue a career in education. Mrs. Nagle recalled that she was greatly encouraged by Mother St. Maura Regina’s knowledge, her patience, and her ability to understand young adults. Mrs. Nagle explained, “As a student, I enjoyed her enthusiasm for her subject matter.” Then, she added, “I hoped to emulate that enthusiasm one day in my own classroom.” I believe that there are many students who would agree that Mrs. Nagle inspires her students in many of the ways that she was inspired by Mother St. Maura Regina.

Mrs. Nagle began her teaching career in the public sector as a substitute teacher; then, just by chance, the Waterbury system had an ongoing, six year hiring freeze. During this freeze, a good friend of Mrs. Nagle recommended that she interview with Father Blanchfield, the principal of Sacred Heart High School at the time. With that interview, she was hired in 1977, and she has been at the Heart ever since.

Mrs. Nagle has seen more school transformations than one can count. She explains that the element she appreciates the most is the universal acceptance that characterizes SHHS. Mrs. Nagle believes everyone can find a niche, that everyone can find a friend, and that “There are no outcasts at SHHS.” She said. “Everyone works together in an environment that encourages the students to fulfill their potential. It is extremely rewarding that, through the study of literature, we get to teach about lives of people hundreds of years ago through all different genres of writing.” Finally Mrs. Nagle said, “There is something truly fulfilling about impacting young lives. The only negative aspect of the job is the hours required correcting student essays.”

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mrs. Nagle is one of the most valuable teachers at SHHS. More than that though, she is a teacher who is always ready to give one hundred percent to her students and to care for them as if they were her own. Indeed, Mrs. Nagle is a

teacher who make life at the Heart wonderful, and so many students are grateful for all that she does. If you get the chance to be a part of Nagleville, consider yourself blessed!