By Alison Santoli, Student Author

It’s hopelessly, feverishly, whole-heartedly, and miserably you.

Granted, life would be easier if it were not.

Still, I find myself fighting butterflies in an attempt to sleep a sleep

Filled with silhouettes of your hands and vignettes of our voice,

A fantasy work in which I am yours welcomes me in the night.

If I could live forever in my dreams of you, I would.

An artificial reality in which you belong to me triumphs endlessly over a true reality in which you do not.

Your eyes tell the story of everything that you are and everything you are not.

It’s as if I can feel your shine,

Not the dull, grey kind of shine, but instead the strong, blinding shine that makes me waver

Between shielding my eyes or opening up to the warmth.

I see you smile and get the feeling that my legs are asleep, only they are not.

They are awake;

I am awake.

 I am awake and I should be asleep.


Running with you through the boulevards of us and galaxies of forever.

When a laugh passes your lips,

It sounds the way the sunset looks.

Suddenly, reds and oranges become my favorite colors,

Dreaming is like living,

Only I am in control

Of who feels what

And what is felt.

It is only my dreams

That bridge the gap

Between love and insanity.